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Extang was first to sell the Extang tonno cover and Extang tonno cover accessory products nationwide. Extang leads the industry with outstanding Extang tonno cover engineering and Extang tonno cover design. Our dependable, high quality soft vinyl Extang tonno cover leads the aftermarket truck accessories categories by delivering lasting benefits and no damage to the pickup truck. We set the extang tonno cover standards and lead the Extang tonno cover industry with our "No Damage, No Drilling, Clamp-On" truck bed cover designs and technology.

Extang has more design patents than ALL other Extang tonno cover companies combined. Select Extang tonno cover from the extensive  Extang tonno product lineup: RT Tonno a Roll Top Truck Bed Cover with a full tilt heavy duty hinged Extang tonno cover, Classic Platinum is an all climate truck bed tarp cover, Black Max is an all black Extang tonno cover, Tuff Tonno, Tool Box Tonno truck bed covers, Cargo Max utility box full tilt Extang tonno, and the Saber Tonno featuring the world's strongest pickup truck tarp cover attachment.

Extang features pickup truck bed hard cover Extang tonno, vinyl tarp Extang tonno cover, heavy duty Extang tonno tarp cover, folding truck bed cover, roll up truck bed cover, roll top Extang tonno cover, heavy duty hinged Extang tonno cover, and the soft top truck bed cover and most are available in 9 colors.

No wonder we are considered the world leader in innovative pickup truck accessories offering the highest quality engineering and manufacturing specifications that lead us to design and build the finest Extang tonno cover made so that they can be backed by the best Extang tonno cover warranty in the industry: The Extang Max Care Warranty.

Extang's MaxCare Warranty protects your Extang tonno cover longer than most truck owners will own their trucks. Enjoy a Lifetime on the Extang tonno frame and 10 Years limited on the Extang tonno truck tarp cover. There's a long road ahead and Extang has your Extang tonno truck bed cover protected and secure. Just like our Extang tonno cover.

If you are looking for the perfect accessory to your Ford, Chevy, GMC, Dodge, Toyota, or Nissan pickup truck make sure to review the extensive Extang  tonno truck cover product line at www.extang.com

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