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Since our beginning, in 1982, we have been getting some really great "Love Letters". A few years ago one of our employees suggested we should display the comments in our lobby and thus, the "Light Points" bulletin board was born! We even post good comments from employees about other employees.

Below are just a few of the comments and testimonials. We can't fake these or buy them. We work hard to earn them. And that's because Team Extang employees take pride in their work and craftsmanship which shows in our well designed products and great customer service. That's what these folks noticed:

" Thank you so much for a truly great product. The tonneau fully compliments the truck and provides a rich appearance and COMPLETE protection for the contents underneath. On may travel back home after the Memorial Day Holiday I was driving for over 3 hours in a rainstorm that simply would not end. The contents under the Extang roll top tonneau were kept dry and protected. Just yesterday in my office parking lot a co-worker noticed the tonneau and commented to me that "Wow - that cover on your Raptor's bed looks really-really nice".

Outstanding looks, unparalleled protection, ease of use, and made here in the USA -- there simply is nothing better!"

B. Adams

" On the 17th of May, my wife and I were caught in a hailstorm in far West Texas. We were in a very remote location and had no real cover to drive toward, so we pulled our truck over to the side of the road. Hail was pounding around us and on top of us, some as large as baseballs. Scary stuff. When they hit the ground, it made me think of meteorites. Incredible impact. Needless to say, we needed to get a little bit of body work done to our truck. However, my Trifecta tonneau cover stood up admirably; showing no damage whatsoever. The insurance appraiser mentioned the same thing, while inspecting the vehicle.

I just thought I'd let y'all know. I've had that cover for a few years now, and I have been completely happy with it."

M. York

" First of all let me explain that I do not write letters often. I have had such good experience with your company, I just had to write. Yesterday, I called your office in Ann Arbor, MI and explained one of the corner pieces on my tonneau rail had broken. Your friendly employee (Cookie) told me that she would send one out and it would be covered under warranty. Well, this was just yesterday and today when I opened the mail box I was pleasantly surprised to find a package from Extang. What service! I am impressed! Keep up the good work. I wish more companies were this attentive to their customers problems."

S. Schmitz

" There have been no problems with the cover for the last 4 years. I can't tell you how pleased I am with the cover."

S. Gray

" I just had a Classic Platinum installed and want to let you know that I'm very happy with your product. At first they (Austin Sales) installed a[nother brand] cover and the first time I was on the highway the 2 back crossbows fell out, so I stopped and put them back in about 5 times in about 50 miles! I went back to the dealer and they installed your Extang cover I have not had any problems and I can see the quality that you build into your product. I will from now on demand an Extang product. Thank you for your time and quality products."

D. Sunderland

" It's not often that a company actually does stand behind their products, as Extang has done. I don't believe I even finished describing my problem before my address was requested so that the replacement parts could be sent. Thank you, Extang for your commitment to service."

G. Drouillard

" Extang is really a class act. I really like this cover."

J. G.

" When I buy a new truck (I buy a new one every 2-years) I will certainly put an Extang tonno on it. Because I love Extang Covers!"

L. Arnes Sr.

" Thank You! Thank You! You are a really good company and I will recommend your covers to everyone I know with a pickup truck. Again, Thank You!"


" I called your Customer Service line and told them the problem. I received the parts by last Saturday! A great job. Please thank the staff at Extang for a job well done."

M. Dell'Eva

" I would like to take the opportunity to thank the folks at Extang for the quick response to my e-mail. I received my package of snap studs on Friday the 2nd of July (meaning very quickly). You folks not only stand on the product you sell, but behind it as well!! This enabled me to get the snaps replaced and the tonneau back on my truck in time to be used for my show season. Again THANK YOU!!!"

B. Lane

" I want to thank you for the courteous and efficient way you treated me and thank the company for their consideration in the matter. It's rare in today's world."

J. Patango in NY

" I really love the fit of this Extang cover on my new '99 Ranger. Who ever designed it deserves a raise." (Webmaster's note: I think I did that one. That was me, right?)

R. Barnum from CT

" This is just a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate you cooperation when I needed to return my cover. The new one works great. You really stand behind your products. Extang will be on all my pickups in years to come."

P. Lynch

" I purchased the Extang BlackMax® cover for my 1998 Dodge Dakota Sport and I would like to say that I am totally impressed with it's quality, ease of use, and awesome good looks. It gave my truck a great new look and blended perfectly with my factory bra. The BlackMax® also cut my gas mileage by taking care of the bed wind resistance and it keeps my cargo well protected under the vinyl, I am especially pleased with the rail system and the pads to protect the paint under them. Please extend my thanks to everyone involved in making this Excellent tonno cover!!"

J. Oshell

" I love the cover (Saber—now called the Tuff Tonno III). I've had nothing but good luck with it."

S. Spitz From NY

" I recently purchased an Extang Classic Platimum for my '94 F-150. I just wanted to let you know it was easier to put together than I figured, and it looks great and have recommended them to people I work with. I just wanted to thank you for such an outstanding product."

M. Curtright

" Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I got the parts and everything is now Groovy! Thanks for the help."


" I just wanted to say "Thank you for sending the tonno cover," It looks great on the new Frontier pickup."

A. Daly of East Hartford, CT

" Your telephone Customer Service and Internet page gave me a good listing of dealers. Thanks!"

D. Bristol from MA

" I recently purchased your Saber (called the Tuff Tonno III) tonneau cover part # 3750 for my '98 Dodge Ram Quad Cab and I would just like to tell you how much I like it. It looks good with nice smooth lines and tight fit. I will recommend it to all my friends and will definitely purchase another one in the future."


" About a month ago I purchased an Extang BlackMax® cover for my '98 Dodge Dakota Sport. This is a great cover! I love it! Many have commented on how nice the truck looks with the cover, and I am eager to tell them the brand and model. I have almost even disassembled the cover just to show off the great features this cover offers. You put out a great product. The shop I bought it from 4G Marketing was very helpful in acquiring and installing the Extang BlackMax® cover. Thank You!!"

C. Johnson from IN

" Even though we can't use any waxes or conditioners I would like to improve the sheen, but the cover itself is great and it looks very good on my truck."

(Webmaster's note: we now have a new product that cleans, beautifies and protects—all in one: Tonno Tonic. Check it out. It's 100% safe to use because it's formulated specifically for Extang's vinyl tonno covers)

"can't read sig" from IN

" I've had your Saber (now called the Tuff Tonno III) cover for a year and always get compliments on it."

J. Conway

" I wrote you concerning a broken corner piece on my tonno cover frame a couple of weeks ago. About 5 days later, I received a package of 2 coners and hardware. Thank you for being prompt and making sure your customers are satisfied. You can bet my next pickup will have another Extang cover on it! Thanks again!"

M. Whidden From DE

" Thanks for a great product and for standing behind the product. Sincerely, a very satisfied customer."

D. Schwarz

" I would like to say how easy your bedcovers are to install. I recently purchased one for my '97 Dodge Ram. I followed the instructions and in about 20 minutes had me a nice looking bedcover. Now, only if you made running boards that were that easy."

G. Atkins

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